ISE - Indian Society of Electrocardiology -

Conferences of the Society

Year Type of Conference Dates Venue Organising Secretary
2003 Annual 14th-16th February Mumbai Dr S B Gupta
2004 Annual 19th-21st March New Delhi Dr Rajnish Juneja
2004 Mid-Term 9th-10th October Nagpur Dr Prashant Jagtap
2005 Annual 2nd-3rd April Bangalore Dr Ravi Kishore
2005 Mid-Term 29th-30th October Varanasi Dr Vineet Agrawal
2006 Annual 17th-19th February Chennai Dr Ulhas Pandurangi
2006 Mid-Term 2nd-3rd September Aligarh Dr K K Varshney
2007 Annual 24th-25th February Hyderabad Dr C Narasimhan
2008 Annual 22nd-24th February Kolkata Dr Rabin Chakraborty
2008 Mid-Term 27th-28th September Ranchi Dr Deepak Gupta
2009 Annual 20th-22nd February Ahmedabad Dr Ajay Naik
2009 Mid-Term 12th-13th September Bhuvaneshwar Dr P Sahoo
2010 Annual 19th-21st February Mumbai Dr S B Gupta
2010 Mid-Term 7th-8th August Patna Dr Ajay Sinha
2011 Annual 1st-3rd April Kochi Dr K U Natrajan
2011 Mid-Term 16th-18th September Goa Dr Ramdas Nayak
2012 Annual 17th-19th February Jaipur Dr Jitendra Makkar
2012 Mid-Term 15th-16th September Aurangabad Dr Ajit Bhagwat
2013 Annual 6th-7th April New Delhi Dr Balbir Singh
2013 Mid-Term 28th-29th September Mangalore Dr H Prabhakar
2014 Annual 8th-9th March Lucknow Dr Aditya Kapoor
2014 Mid-Term 11th-12th October Vizag Dr G S R Murthy
2015 Annual 7th-8th February Nagpur Dr Prashant Jagtap
2015 Mid-Term 12th-13th September Pune Dr Rituparna Shinde
2016 Annual 12th-14th February Bangalore Dr Jayaprakash Senthar
2016 Mid-Term 20th-21st August Varanasi Dr Dharmendra Jain
2017 Annual 11th-12th February New Delhi Dr Vanita Arora
2017 Mid-Term 11th-12th November Thane Dr Ashish Nabar
2018 Annual 17th-18th February Vadodara Dr Shomu  Bohora
2018 Mid-Term 13th-14th October Agra Dr C M Rawat
2019 Annual 24th-26th May Kolkata Dr Rabin Ckraborty
2019 Mid-Term 12th-13th October Tuticorin Dr Selvaraj
2020 Annual 22nd-23rd February Udaipur Dr Jitendra Makkar/
Dr Aparna Jaswal
2020 Mid-Term 5th-6th September Solapur Dr G Parale